Pipe Tracing & Snow Melting

At Liberty Electric Sales, we deliver the highest quality, technologically advanced, electric floor heating, snow melting, roof deicing, gutter melting, and heat trace systems possible for any application.

We provide the most thorough technical support necessary to insure the every application scope is exceeded.

Pipe Tracing

Pipe Tracing (a.k.a heat tracing) is commonly used to ensure that process, fluid, or material temperatures within pipes and piping systems are maintained above ambient temperatures during static flow conditions.

Liberty Electric Sales can supply cables that keep water flowing at ambient temperatures as low as 40°C/ 40°F, and cables that withstand temperatures up to 593°C/1100°F and are suitable for damp, corrosive and hazardous locations. We provide software and expertise to make selecting the right pipe tracing solution easy.

Snow Melting

Snow Melting Systems are used to keep walkways, entrance ways, parking garage ramps, loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice.

Sidewalk Snow Melting

These electric snow melting systems reduce snow removal costs, help to avoid slip and fall accidents, and help prevent damage to expensive flooring caused by tracked in sand, salt or other chemicals used to melt ice.

Liberty Electric Sales carries a complete line of snow melting controls and sensors from single point on/off snow switches to multi point distributed systems. Controls are designed to simplify and economize system operation.

Heated Tubing Bundles

Small diameter lines are heated for many reasons including freeze protection (winterization), reduced viscosity, and keeping gas samples above their dew point. These can be critical for process accuracy, emissions compliance, and even plant operation. Steam and electrically traced instrument tubing bundles represent lower installed costs and increased reliability for flow, level and pressure transmitters.

Heated Tubing Bundles

Compared to bare tubing that is field traced and insulated, prefabricated tube bundles:

Products Include