Power Products

Liberty Electric works with the best in class manufacturers who are technical leaders in power conversion, including power systems, power supplies, inductive components, and electronic ballasts.

Utilizing our comprehensive power electronics, magnetics and digital/analog control capabilities, our custom-designed power systems deliver precise power to your application. We provide a wide range of turnkey power conversion solutions.

Product Types

Temporary Power/Power Distribution

On most every job site, the only available power is high unusable, unsafe voltages. Access to lower power services (120/240) is a necessity to get the job done. Our custom designed and standard Temporary Power Distribution Centers use 5KVA transformers up to 150KVA, single phase or 3 phase transformers.

Temporary Power is designed to meet demanding environments and provide knocked down power safely and conveniently. Our units are self-contained, portable load centers, mounted with a transformer to step down high voltages into GFI-protected 120/240 volt power sources and are designed to meet or exceed all NEC, NEMA, and OSHA regulations and codes.

Products Include