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SICK Vision Systems Training

Classes are held at SICK's corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Depending on the type of training offered, classes can run 1 - 3 days. Please confirm the class dates you would like to attend by clicking the Registration Information link below (dates and times are subject to change). Classes are free.

Training sessions cover SICK's IVC-3D and IVC-2D Cameras for machine vision applications. Topics include a general introduction to vision, how to choose lenses and lights, and how to use the IVC Studio development software for 2D and 3D applications.

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SICK Vision Systems Training Schedule

2011 Vision Training Dates

May 24 - May 26 - Advanced Vision Training - 3D with Ranger Camera

October 11 - 13 - Advanced Vision Training - 3D with Ranger Camera

Day 1 - 8:30am - 5:00pm

Day 2 - 8:30am - 5:00pm

Day 3 - 8:30am - 3:00pm

NEW: 2011 Vision Web Training

Date: The 1st Friday of every month

Time: 11:00 am, Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00)

SICK WebTraining Center

Meeting Number: 642 355 145

Meeting Password: vision

Session 1

Product: Inspector P30
Application 1: Sorting and Robot Picking
Application 2: Part Presence and Alignment

Inspector P30 sensor positions you for higher throughput. The easy-to-use "Blob Locator" tool provides a precise positioning point of free-form targets for sorting and robot picking, such as food on a conveyor belt. The "Object Locator" tool simplifies the process of staging and aligning parts by providing precise pixel position and angle orientation of a known target. The position data is available via Ethernet or use digital outputs for directional guidance. In addition, the sensor is able to adapt to variations in ambient light as well as compensate for slight distance variations, thereby minimizing the changes within the customer's machine and environment.

Please click the links below for the recorded versions of Session 1.

Session 2

Product: Inspector Viewer
Application: Monitoring Single/Multiple Vision Inspections in Operation

The Inspector Viewer provides advanced monitoring and trending capabilities for Inspector vision sensors. The easy-to-use touch screen display monitors applications, logs data and performs trending analysis to stay on top of production problems and change over products quickly and easily. Multiple Inspectors can be monitored from one Viewer, making it economical to use in plants with more than one Inspector.

Please click the links below for the recorded versions of Session 2.

Session 3

Product: Inspector I40 (Standard and UV)
Application 1: Seal Inspection
Application 2: Fill Level Inspection

The Inspector I40-LUT is a unique vision sensor solution for the detection and inspection of luminescent pigments on large areas. Compared to traditional luminescent registration sensors, which operate with a relatively small light spot, the I40-LUT scans a larger area. In addition, the Inspector I40-LUT can differentiate based on the amount of luminescent material, which enables quality grading of products and parts. A standard Inspector 140 can also be used with external illumination to help identify and eliminate improperly filled containers from the line. Not only is the vision sensor designed to meet the high-speed rates of the industry, but you can also log data to identify and eliminate problems for higher throughput.

Session 4

Application: Object Detection in Logistics

See and discuss the multiple ways to solve the often difficult application of object detection in the logistics market. Learn the limits and benefits of solutions ranging from simple photoelectric sensors to 3D machine vision.

Please click the links below for the recorded versions of Session 4.

Session 5 - June 3

Application: Date/lot Code Inspection

Learn how to solve date/ lot code presence and verification applications based on different customer requirements. See examples from print presence, to character matching, to full OCR and bar code reading using both Inspector and IVC product lines.

Please click the links below for the recorded versions of Session 5.

Session 6 - July 1

Application: Level and Volume Measurement

See different ways to solve the application of fill level and volume measurement. In this session, we will look at solutions ranging from capacitive sensors to ultrasonic and distance measurement sensors, all the way to 3D vision and laser scanners. Learn the multiple ways SICK can solve these types of applications as well as the limits and benefits of each solution.

Session 7 - August 5

Application: TBA

Session 8 - September 2

Application: TBA